How To Move Heavy Furniture Without Scratching The Floors

Whether packing up to move to your new home, or when unpacking the trucks and containers to put your furniture into place in your new home, you must always be aware of the potential damage to the hardwood floors that dragging heavy items can cause. Fortunately, there are a few things that you can do to make the furniture moving process easier while protecting the surface of your floors from scratches and physical damage.

Break it Down

The first and most important part of moving heavy furniture is to break it down into individual parts. This means removing couch cushions, chair seats, and anything else that can be easily unscrewed. This allows you to take several trips, and even to carry sections of your furniture by yourself instead of dragging a single large piece across your floors.

Clear the Floor

Once you've broken down your furniture into pieces that are more manageable, the next thing you should do is clear the floor of all obstacles. This includes carpets, moving boxes, and anything else that could either become trapped under your furniture and damage the floor itself or could cause you trip and injure yourself.

Gliders or Blankets

The next most important thing that you should do when moving furniture that is too heavy to lift is ensure that the legs or whichever part of your furniture that is in contact with the floor is covered with a blanket or a similar item. Moving and storage supply stores will sell furniture gliders which are specifically designed for this purpose: these plastic or felt pads ensure that your hardwood floors will not be scratched or gouged. Alternatively, you can also break apart moving boxes and use the cardboard as a cushion to slide your furniture on if you're unpacking.

Get Help

You should never move heavy furniture items by yourself. Beyond the fact that dragging furniture along the floor can cause scratching and damage, if you try and lift heavy items you run the risk of injuring yourself. Instead, have a helper lift heavier items just slightly off the ground and move them into place slowly, taking breaks and moving in small spurts to get everything into position. Alternatively, you can use a dolly to transport items, but be sure that you have straps securing the piece in place and that your dolly has rubber wheels that will not damage the hardwood.

Contact a local moving service for help.