4 Maintenance Tips To Prepare Your Boat After Winter Storage

If you want to protect your boat during winter weather, then you probably did some weatherization to protect it during the cold weather. Before you can take your boat out on the water once winter is over, there is going to be some maintenance that needs to be done and maybe a few repairs. Here are some maintenance tips to get your boat ready for the water after taking it out of winter storage: Read More 

4 Types of Moving & Storage Equipment You Can Rent

When it comes to finding equipment to use for your move or your self-storage unit, you may be hesitant to purchasing these items. Fortunately, there are many different types of equipment you can actually rent from your moving company or storage facility. Here are just some of the items you can rent that can help your move to a new home or self-storage unit. Plastic Moving Crates Plastic moving crates are great for moving to a new home or storing items in your self-storage unit. Read More 

Protect Your RV From Moisture Damage During Storage

Storing your RV properly when it's not in use is a vital component of protecting your investment. Moisture can be one of the major concerns during storage. This is because moisture can damage roofs, walls, and the interior. Leaks aren't the only concern – high relative humidity can lead to mold and mildew issues. The following tips can help you avoid moisture issues. Tip #1: Protect the roof The roof is the primary place where moisture leaks can occur. Read More 

Moving With Your Car & a Trailer? Hire Movers to Help With Packing & Loading

When you move long-distance, you have a few ways to get to your new home. This includes driving in a moving truck or your vehicle as well as flying if you hire a moving company. If you are excited about driving across the country, you may not want to use movers to drive there. To save money, you may be renting a trailer and then filling up your vehicle and the trailer before getting on the road. Read More 

How Your Fine Art Creations Are Transported

This is it; the big time--you made it. Your art creations are getting the notoriety you have wanted all of your life. There is just one thing; you have no idea how to ship them. You know it takes special crating to ship artwork, but what exactly do you need? Fortunately for you, there are companies that focus on shipping art and priceless artifacts. Here are some of the special crates offered to artists to help get their art to the galleries. Read More