How Your Fine Art Creations Are Transported

This is it; the big time--you made it. Your art creations are getting the notoriety you have wanted all of your life. There is just one thing; you have no idea how to ship them. You know it takes special crating to ship artwork, but what exactly do you need? Fortunately for you, there are companies that focus on shipping art and priceless artifacts. Here are some of the special crates offered to artists to help get their art to the galleries.

Square Crates Stuffed with Paper Straw

Square crates stuffed with paper straw are ideal for sculptures. Usually, metal sculptures and non-traditional media sculptures are shipped this way. You will need to measure each of your sculptures for the largest dimensions in any one direction. Add at least a foot to each of these dimensions as this is the space the shipper will need to surround your objets d'art with the paper straw and fit it into a crate.

Crates Stuffed with Straw and Burlap

Any clay, pottery or porcelain pieces are often wrapped in burlap and placed in crates stuffed with straw. This protects the pieces from excess moisture while preventing breakage too. If you are not certain how to wrap up these pieces for shipping, some art shippers will send specialists to show you how, and then help you wrap the pieces for shipping.

Slot Crates for Shipping Paintings and Other 2D Artwork

Slot crates are built to hold paintings and framed 2D artwork. The slots are created by inserting boards into the slots in the crates. You can adjust the width of these slots by moving the boards one direction or other inside the crates before you place your artwork into the slots you have made. Most of the slots in these crates are at least the standard two inches for the two-inch thick canvas mounts that many museums require.


If you can detach your paintings and are willing to roll your drawings and canvases up, you can ship your work in tubes. Either you or the gallery staff will have to carefully remove the artwork from the shipping tubes, flatten it, and remount it per gallery requirements. This option, however, is only for paintings or drawings that do not exceed the size of the largest shipping tubes available. If you have some massive paintings or drawings, these will require specialty crates. You will have to make a special request for such crates.

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