4 Types of Moving & Storage Equipment You Can Rent

When it comes to finding equipment to use for your move or your self-storage unit, you may be hesitant to purchasing these items. Fortunately, there are many different types of equipment you can actually rent from your moving company or storage facility. Here are just some of the items you can rent that can help your move to a new home or self-storage unit.

Plastic Moving Crates

Plastic moving crates are great for moving to a new home or storing items in your self-storage unit. They stack uniformly, saving space in the moving truck or storage unit, and they offer an Eco-friendly alternative to cardboard boxes. Additionally, the sturdy plastic construction withstands wear and tear to keep your items securely stored inside.


Even if you hire a moving company to transfer your items, having a dolly can help to make the packing and unpacking processes easier. You can transfer stacks of boxes from room to room, or you can move large items easily in your storage unit as you are rearranging items. Dollies come in a variety of designs, from upright models featuring two wheels to flat four-wheel dollies designed specifically to work with plastic moving crates. Ask your moving company if you can rent a dolly a few weeks in advance of your move to help get everything ready for moving day.

Reusable Wardrobe Boxes

Reusable wardrobe boxes also offer an Eco-friendly option for packing. They are typically crafted from plastic, and they feature built-in rods to hang clothing and linens. You can rent them from your self-storage company for use storing seasonal clothing, or you can rent them from your moving company for a convenient way to pack clothing in your closets.

Pallets & Pallet Jacks

If you'll be moving large stacks of boxes, you may want to consider renting pallets and pallet jacks. These items can make it move large and heavy objects that can't fit on a traditional dolly. Pallets can also come in handy in your storage unit, as they can keep your boxes elevated and off of the ground to prevent damage from leaks, dirt, and debris.

Whether you are moving to a new home or you are transferring items to a storage unit, renting moving equipment can make the process easier and more convenient. Discuss other rental options with local moving companies, such as moving blankets, back braces, and bungee straps, to help secure your items.