4 Maintenance Tips To Prepare Your Boat After Winter Storage

If you want to protect your boat during winter weather, then you probably did some weatherization to protect it during the cold weather. Before you can take your boat out on the water once winter is over, there is going to be some maintenance that needs to be done and maybe a few repairs. Here are some maintenance tips to get your boat ready for the water after taking it out of winter storage:

1. Cleaning and Prepping Your Boat After Long-term Storage

When your boat has been in long-term storage for months, the first thing that you are going to need to do is to remove the cover and start cleaning. Look for signs of mildew that can happen when your boat is under a cover and condensation forms or due to water that was not removed during the time of storage.

2. Performing Mechanical Inspection and Servicing the Motor Before Use

After you have cleaned your boat, you are going to be ready to start inspecting the mechanical systems. First, check all the cables, fuel lines and electrical wiring for signs of damage that has occurred while your boat has been in storage. Next, you will want to do engine maintenance, which should include changing all the fluids and starting the engine to make sure it is performing as it should.

3. Revising Safety Gear and Other Supplies in Case Of Emergencies

With boats, having the right safety gear is important in emergencies. You want to make sure that you have all the life jackets that are required for your boat, as well as other provisions in case you get stuck on the water or have other emergencies. In addition to life jackets, larger boats may also be required to carry safety rafts, and having rafts is a good idea for any size of boat in case it sinks or capsizes for any reason.

4. Taking Your Boat for A Test Drive and Observing Any Problems

The last step for preparing your boat is testing it out on the water. Take it for a short voyage, not far from shore, to observe potential mechanical problems and repairs that may need to be done. When you take your boat back to shore, you can do any necessary repairs or adjustments that need to be done before you take your boat out on the water again.

These are some tips to get your boat ready for the water after winter storage. If you need a place to store your boat while you are not on the water, contact a boat storage service like Lake County Storage of Round Lake Heights to ensure your boat is safe when you are not using it.