Moving With Your Car & a Trailer? Hire Movers to Help With Packing & Loading

When you move long-distance, you have a few ways to get to your new home. This includes driving in a moving truck or your vehicle as well as flying if you hire a moving company. If you are excited about driving across the country, you may not want to use movers to drive there. To save money, you may be renting a trailer and then filling up your vehicle and the trailer before getting on the road. Read More 

How Your Fine Art Creations Are Transported

This is it; the big time--you made it. Your art creations are getting the notoriety you have wanted all of your life. There is just one thing; you have no idea how to ship them. You know it takes special crating to ship artwork, but what exactly do you need? Fortunately for you, there are companies that focus on shipping art and priceless artifacts. Here are some of the special crates offered to artists to help get their art to the galleries. Read More 

Learning the Lingo: 3 Moving Terms You Should Know

Even though you already have a lot on your plate, what with packing and making other arrangements for your move, you should take a moment or two to learn some of the lingo used in the moving industry. Doing so can help you better communicate your needs and understand the various charges on your bill. Here are three moving terms you should be familiar with. Overflow Overflow—also known as leaveover—is a term that describes a situation where you have too much stuff to fit on the truck and the excess belonging must be placed on another truck, shipped separately, or left behind. Read More 

How To Move Heavy Furniture Without Scratching The Floors

Whether packing up to move to your new home, or when unpacking the trucks and containers to put your furniture into place in your new home, you must always be aware of the potential damage to the hardwood floors that dragging heavy items can cause. Fortunately, there are a few things that you can do to make the furniture moving process easier while protecting the surface of your floors from scratches and physical damage. Read More 

Learn How To Efficiently Organize The Stock Room For Your Business

When you own a business that has a lot of inventory that you need to put on the shelves, it is important to keep the inventory well organized so that you can find what you need when you need it. Organizing your stock room does not have to be difficult to do. The following guide walks you through a few tips to get more info to ensure that your stock room is as well organized as it can possibly be. Read More